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Based in Central Florida now, my journey in photography started in 1997 with a polaroid camera and a love of wild spaces in Northern California. My love of photography quickly grew and expanded into film cameras, and then into digital. From wild spaces to wildlife and product photography to portraiture my love of photography has grown in a way I never expected but that I needed in my life. My goal has always been to create and to learn. The idea of being a professional photographer wasn’t even a blip on the radar when I started. Over the years my love of learning has allowed me to keep my creativity alive, allowing me to work with some amazing people in some amazing places.
Living a few miles from the beach, it has become a huge part of my photography and probably what I am asked for the most. I spend a good portion of my days either with a camera in hand or teaching photography & editing to those just starting out, which now includes my beautiful wife, who along with our daughter, gives me such inspiration and I am proud to share this journey with them.
My styles are kind of a cross between glamour and surreal. I love when a shoot is light and fun for all involved. I love upbeat shoots where everyone on the scene are on the same page in regards to direction of a shoot. It is not uncommon for everyone to be laughing, cracking jokes and generally just having a good time while doing our best to create something we enjoy looking at. Sometime ago, an old photographer/ mentor of mine made the comment that a successful shoot “should end with mutual respect and a desire to work together again”, and I hold this to be true today. I love what I do and hope you do too.
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